During cataract surgery the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an intra-ocular lens (IOL). As glasses and contact lenses correct vision, so too will your IOL. With the development of the latest Specialty Lenses, your surgeon can now reduce or eliminate your need for glasses after surgery. Our doctors will discuss your lens options during your initial surgery consultation.

Toric (Astigmatism Correcting) IOLs

If you have a need before your cataract surgery for a lens that corrects Astigmatism, an IOL lens that corrects for Astigmatism can be used that will correct your astigmatism and give you the best outcome.


Multi Focal IOLs/Extended Depth of Focus IOLs

Multifocal and Extended Depth of Field IOL lenses are designed to provide you with the greatest opportunity to have minimal dependence on glasses after surgery. As multifocal eyeglasses correct both distance and near vision, so do Multi-focal IOL’s.

An exciting advance in IOL technology, the Extended Depth of Focus IOL’s are designed to provide high quality distance vision and allow you to continuously focus from distance to near and points in between. These lenses offer the greatest possibility of reduced dependence on eyewear after surgery. For more information about IOL options or to schedule a consultation please contact us at 301-587-1220.

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